Donate today to give vulnerable children safe spaces to grow and learn! image

Donate today to give vulnerable children safe spaces to grow and learn!

Every $35 you donate will provide a Youth Club welcome pack for a vulnerable child.

$3,045 raised

$10,000 goal

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All over the world, children need protection and support to grow and thrive. Your investment in Global Camps Africa's Youth Clubs will create safe spaces for some of South Africa's most at-risk children, and help create a community of hope where they can gain the tools they need to live healthy, empowered lives.

Preventing HIV infection in children and youth is one of the key goals of Camp Sizanani and Youth Clubs. In the target population reached by this project, five key drivers of HIV infection have been identified: (1) being forced into sex; (2) the low status of women and gender-based violence; (3) having sex in exchange for financial and other material support (driven by poverty); (4) intergenerational relationships - between older men and younger women; and (5) inaccurate knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

Through increased and sustained engagement with this population, Global Camps Africa aims to increase knowledge of HIV prevention strategies and decrease the vulnerability of children and youth in the communities where we work. Our evidence-based curriculum addresses each of the identified drivers of HIV infection in age-appropriate ways in a safe, supportive environment.

It costs just $35 to provide a child with a Youth Club Welcome Pack, which includes:

  • Youth Club Membership Card
  • Name Badge
  • Youth Club T-shirt
  • Youth Club Drawstring Backpack
  • Notebooks and School Supplies
  • Continuing Training for Youth Clubs Counselors

Each of our 7 Youth Clubs need $10,000 to welcome Youth Club members with these resources over the next 12 months. If we reach this goal, 285 vulnerable kids at each of our 7 locations will be excited and proud to be part of our Youth Club community. That's 2,000 children who will know someone cares about them, and that we're all invested in making sure that they are protected and supported.