Courtney Harris
Courtney Harris's Fundraiser

My 30th birthday wish is for a world filled with empowered youth who have the tools they need to have positive impacts on their communities!

In honor of my 30th birthday, please consider donating to Global Camps Africa -- any amount would be great, and I say let's make it fun by donating something with a "30" in it, or even a multiple of 30!

$335 towards $1,030

I am loving my new role with Global Camps Africa, and want to celebrate in style this year by sharing our great work with my friends and family! Please consider joining me in supporting change. Let's give more children in South Africa a chance to attend camp and gain lifelong skills and confidence at Camp Sizanani. You can help these youth reach their fullest potential through Global Camps Africa's work. A new element to our program has been pulling at my heart strings: Our young women and girls empowerment program kicks off this spring, and every donation helps bring voice, hope, and opportunity to the young women of South Africa.

Just a small donation will go a long way and would be a meaningful birthday present this year.